Creation metaverse 101: What Can You Actually Create in a Metaverse?

What is a creation metaverse?

As metaverse news and announcements flood our story feeds, vying for our interest in the attention economy we’re living in, it seems that not a day goes by without hearing something about the metaverse. A few critics say (and sometimes rightly so) that we’re still got a long way to go before we can start enjoying the web 3.0 in its full spectrum of features. But seeing all the announcements of major tech companies so invested in making the metaverse a reality sure makes it feel more real already.

What can you do in a creation metaverse?

We may not know much yet about the metaverse on the grad scale of things, down to the nitty-gritty details, but what we can anticipate beyond the shadow of a doubt is how it’s going to make creativity boom. We at Meta Studio in particular actually know our market pretty well and we can say with the utomost confidence that the era of content creators has just begun to dawn, and it will all be thanks to metaverse technology.

#1. Creative AR / VR assets on top of the physical world

Think of them as visual creations that come on top of a real-world object or person as a virtual addition. From 3D objects projected from the metaverse onto your coffee table, as Sahil Nawaz, founder of Meta Builder was just telling us about in our latest episode of #MetaverseTalks, to fantasy makeup filters applied to your own person, sky’s the limit!

#2. Virtual goods for your avatar and metaverse presence

Since we’ll be spending some time in the metaverse (an hour per day, on average, by 2026, Gartner studies say), personal enhancement will come as a natural desire. From virtual clothing and fashion items to better convey your personality through your avatar and on to other virtual objects for the space your inhabit in the metaverse, your personal brand will be built through web3, and that requires creative work. If you’re a content creator, you’ll probably want to create a customized studio in Meta Studio, too!

#3. Lands and everything on them

This is an area of creation metaverse actions that is already pretty mainstream, though highly speculative for now. But you’ve probably already seen the Gold Rush happening as we speak surrounding ‘real estate’ in the metaverse, from celebs buying their own plots or opening concert venues there to all the companies and fans rushing to buy the virtual land plots immediately next to where the action is.

#4. Games, movies, stories and entertainment

In a creation metaverse, visuals are just the beginning. All good creative goods encompass multiple aspects of creativity, connected together through the best one: storytelling. Think of all the things getting produced right now in the creative industries and imagine that the same type of assets will also be created in the metaverse, but better. Not because of any technical superiority of the web3 medium per se (especially since in the beginning it won’t be that great, maybe), but because of the inherent freedom and decentralized autonomy guaranteed for creators.

#5. Classic creative deliverables, virtualized

Let’s not forget the typical goods that most content creators deliver on a daily basis, from written articles to photography, music, copy, visual design and so on. All of these will be able to be sold as NFTs (making them more secure through the power of the smart contract) in a way that will be less predatory for the creation metaverse workers, as opposed to how creators are now often exploited.



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