Is a decentralized metaverse good or bad?

What is decentralization in the web 3.0 context?

Since all web 3.0 are built or planned on blockchain (though in the future new shapes of systems might be born), decentralization is a functional principle built into them. Blockchain is basically, in laymen’s terms, synonymous to decentralization, by virtue of how the connections between users, network nodes and servers are built.

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What is a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAO)?

You can think of a Decentralized Autonomous Community as a democracy of digital users. Basically, the community of users that are present in the same space (like a platform they use) also rules it. There are no imposed ways in which the platform functions, if the majority of users disagrees with them.

Aren’t all metaverses decentralized by the very nature of blockchain itself?

Yes and no. To put it bluntly, it depends on who is doing or undoing the decentralization.

What are the advantages of a decentralized metaverse?

The pros to a decentralized metaverse, as you may have gleaned already, are almost too numerous to count. We’ll start by highlighting only the most important of them in a straightforward way.

What are the cons to a decentralized metaverse?

Some people still express some reservations towards the ideal of a decentralized metaverse, and their arguments are not without value. Wired journalists, for example, while agreeing that decentralization it itself is a worthy goal, because what they call excessive centralization “can stymie coordination and erode freedom, democracy, and economic dynamism”, raise some valid concerns about the type of decentralization the metaverse will bring.

What is the decentralized metaverse tor content creators going to look like?

The metaverse and its decentralized communities have a huge potential to be useful in various areas of human activity, but never more so than for content creation. All expert reports indicate that content creation will have a golden age with the dawn of the metaverse, some even going as far as saying that being an artist will become a high-earning profession, something which humanity hasn’t really seen from the age of Maecenas!

Final thoughts

There is still debate around the topic of a decentralized metaverse and it’s wise not to dismiss it, as things are rarely black or white. However, in this case and based on the facts we walked you though above, we dare say that the balance shifts decisively towards labeling decentralized metaverses as positive rather than harmful.



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