Meta Studio just participated in its first Ask-Me-Anything Session x Polka Ventures

ask me anything Miriam Cihodariu Meta Studio Polka Ventures

Who is Meta Studio?

Meta Studio (our company) is a Switzerland-based entity building a fully functional business metaverse for content creators. We are creating a metaverse where you can make money while playing. You can become a content creator, streamer, freelancer or business owner.

Who is Polka Ventures?

Polka Ventures is a decentralized alternative investment fund. They invest in DeFi, NFT, crypto and blockchain projects that create value and solve issues while making blockchain simply better. As a decentralized community, all investment decisions are community-driven so that every user is empowered and has a voice. They also provide seed and early stage funding to selected projects.

The Ask Me Anything Session with Miriam Cihodariu, CMO of Meta Studio

Polka Ventures: Dear Polka Ventures Community! Our AMA starts now! First, we will publish the questions that we already received and the team vs our special guest will give answers.



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