Meta Studio #MetaverseTalks Episode 2: Interview /w Sahil Nawaz, founder of MetaBuilder

Sahil Nawaz <> Meta Studio — Interview Transcript

Miriam Cihodariu (Interviewer): Hi, Sahil! Thank you for joining me today.

Question #1. What is your background in web 3.0 and blockchain and technology in general?

Sahil: Right, sure. So, it began mostly in 2020 when I first got into crypto and investing in crypto. It all started with being a part of a centralized exchange group based in my country and slowly, steadily, learning what blockchain is about, what bitcoin is about, and learning along the way about different exchanges. You know, we all start from investing… [smiles] and I got really into different communities and I started talking to different people from different communities.

Question #2. What did you learn from your experience as a tech entrepreneur or innovator?

Miriam: Like, especially from this experience you mentioned of advising in their incubation stage of the project. Do you have anything to share?

Question #3. So, what would you say is the blockchain and the metaverse according to you?

Miriam: You know, everybody talks about these, they are buzz terms but sometimes people are still confused about them: “OK, but what exactly is it?”

Question #4. So, how do you see the metaverse in the near future, like for the next 3 years, let’s say?

Sahil: Apparently, there’s a lot of projects coming out and a lot of developments going on in this space. Currently, if we talk about the next 3 years, I believe the metaverse is going to disrupt the gaming sector because that’s something that’s [already] been happening and a lot of metaverse projects out there are targeting to gamify various aspects of social interaction.

Question #5. How about on the longer term, in the more distant future, what role do you think the metaverse will play in human lives?

Sahil: Right, sure. So, if you look at a few of the projects out there, like Sandbox or Roblox, Snoop Dog has also recently invested…

Question #6. What is your metaverse project doing?

Miriam: Tell us a bit about your own project.

Question #7. Why do you think this is the right historical moment for your metaverse project?

Miriam: I mean, for me it’s already pretty clear from your description [laughs], but if you’d like to elaborate on that…

Question #8. What is your favorite thing about the metaverse as we foresee it now, and the web3 in general, more broadly?

Miriam: What do you like most about what we can foresee right now, because, of course, it can take other shapes as it progresses?

Question #9. What do you think about metaverse investments in general?

Miriam: As you said, it’s a bit of a gold rush, but that also comes with some risks and opportunities. What is your take on these?

Question #10. How about metaverse projects in general, not just metaverse lands, how about startups, since you were in this niche before?

Sahil: Investing in metaverse projects also needs a lot of research, you have to dive deep into what their roadmap is, what they are building, and especially what problems they are solving. We [already] have so many metaverse projects out there that they’re just replicas of each other, so you shouldn’t fall for any metaverse which has already been replicated.

Question #11. What would be your bottom-line advice for small and mid-scale investors who are looking at crypto, blockchain and metaverse as options for the first time?

Miriam: Let’s just say that they haven’t invested in this space before.



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