Meta Studio Organized the Bitcoin Bucharest 2022 Event, Driving Web 3.0 Innovation

Adrian Niculescu, CEO of Meta Studio, delivering a talk at Bitcoin Bucharest
Adrian Niculescu, CEO of Meta Studio, moderating the Bitcoin Bucharest event.

The Speakers at Bitcoin Bucharest 2022

· Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO of Paypolitan

Highlights of Meta Studio at Bitcoin Bucharest 2022

See for yourself some of the Bitcoin Bucharest speakers delivering their game-changing insights and leading industry advice for fintech and blockchain innovation.

Adrian Niculescu and Mugur Frunzetti of Meta Studio together with leading industry respresentatives, chatting about latest industry developments.
Mohamed Chouka, VP Product Design at Centurion Invest, delivering a talk and demo about their innovative product.
Arvin Khamseh, Globally Recognized NFT Marketing Expert, sharing valuable insights about what works now in the field of NFT art collection curation.
An exclusive after-hours in The Vault, a bar hosted in the remains of the former bank’s value depository for VIPs. :)

What’s Next for Bitcoin Bucharest and Meta Studio?

Meta Studio is now successfully in its pre-seed stage, with some big names already pledging support to the business metaverse for creators project. Partnering with Bem Builders (creators of The Sandbox) and XDev Blockchain in order to build the work metaverse for content creators and its powering token, Metas, Meta Studio is already on its way to becoming a household name in the near future.



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