Meta Studio Team Thrilled to Connect with Other Web3 Innovators at Tomorrow Conference

meta studio team members at the tomorrow conference in belgrade
Having a blast on the Tomorrow Conference red carpet :)
Adrian Niculescu, CEO of Meta Studio, participating in a panel about web3.
Humbly proud to inspire others with our talk about Meta Studio!

Laying the foundation for tomorrow’s web 3.0

One of the reasons we enjoy participating in events such as the Tomorrow Conference is that they enable us to continue building the networking bridges that will prove essential to making the several future metaverses become one. Interconnectivity and inter-operability will be a crucial factor to make the user experience in the metaverse that much better.

About the Tomorrow Conference 2022 in Belgrade

Tomorrow Conference took place between May 13th — May 15th in Belgrade, Serbia, and aimed to reunite. The event aimed to bring together the world’s most significant blockchain companies and experts to demonstrate the transformative, cross-sector potential of the most disruptive technology since the internet 1.0.



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