Meta Studio — the first business metaverse for creators

A metaverse for creators is on the horizon

While we’re the first ones that thought about it, the idea that is taking shape more and more was definitely necessary, as it will service over 50 million people worldwide.

a glimpse into the metaverse studio for creators Meta Studio, focused on avatar customization

The Meta Studio business opportunity in the metaverse for creators

If we’re allowed a humble brag, Meta Studio isn’t only a great opportunity for creators and metaverse afficionados. We’re also a great opportunity for investors in a textbook blue ocean strategy approach.

The technical details:

· We partnered with Bem Builders, an experienced game design company, for the world of Meta Studio to take shape;

What’s next?

We have a full roadmap ahead of us and we’re already covered plenty of the items for serious work to be underway. The METAS coins are almost ready to be launched and, as always in such cases, this will be a great opportunity of investing, especially for early adopters. The work on world-building is progressing nicely as well, thanks to our extended team members experienced with cutting-edge game design.



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