Streaming Metaverse 101: Will It Work? Metaverses you can stream in

What Is a Streaming Metaverse?

The metaverse is a term that comes up increasingly often and with an urgency that keeps building up as the tech world is on the verge of making it happen. But while we’re all talking about the metaverse, we might in fact be talking about several metaverses depending on how we define the term. The metaverse concept comes with varying definitions and a central idea we mostly agree upon, but the contents and functionality of each metaverse can set it apart greatly from all other metaverse worlds.

Why Should You Join the Metaverse as a Streamer?

Will Streaming Survive in the Metaverse?

According to the Conviva report on streaming released at the end of 2021, we are all consuming streaming content as a greater pace than ever before. As you can expect, there was a huge jump in streaming during the pandemic and its lockdowns, but the upwards trend continued afterwards as well. At a global level, we are consuming 7% more streamed content year-over-year, with some continents like South America leading the charge (64% more streaming), followed by Oceania and Africa with almost equally impressive numbers (54 percent and 51 percent more streaming than the year before).

But will streaming survive in the metaverse for sure?

Not just survive, it will do better than that. Not only are figures pointing to the fact that the popularity of streaming isn’t going away anytime soon, but many tech experts say streaming will prove to be the entry point to the metaverse for many casual users. Some go as far as claiming the very future of the metaverse relies on streaming as its central pillar.

Benefits of the Metaverse for Streamers

So why should you as a streamer join the metaverse or prefer it over the web 2.0 platforms you’re using now for streaming?

Sources of Streams about the Metaverse

If you want to watch streaming content about the metaverse right now, where should you go? That’s pretty easy, but it depends on what your exact area of interest is.

Streaming Metaverses (Metaverses You Can Stream In)

As the web 3.0 is just emerging, right now there are a lot of promising metaverse projects being built, but so far there aren’t a lot of finalized ones where you can actually go as a streamer and start doing your thing and building your audience.



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